Clark County Indiana Coroner

The chief responsibility of the coroner is to determine the manner of death in cases involving violence, casualty, unexplained or suspicious circumstances or when the person has been found dead. {IC 36-2-14-6}

When notified of a death under any of the above circumstances, the coroner must alert and obtain the investigative assistance of the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction in the area. When the coroner determines the cause of death, the law requires the coroner to file a report of his or her findings with the local health officer. If an autopsy is necessary,the coroner must employ a qualified physician to conduct it. Additional reports of the cause of death must be filed with the clerk of the circuit court.

A county coroner, who is also a licensed physician is entitled to one-and-one-half times as much compensation as a non-physician coroner. {IC 36-2-14-15} (Generally see IC 36-2-14,for duties of the county coroner.)  

Contact the Clark County Coroner's Office

(Please Note: All Inquiries and records requests must be submitted in writing (written or email) and all office hours are by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.)

Clark County Coroner's Office
2515 Veteran's Parkway
Jeffersonville, IN 47130

P 812.285.6282 
F 812.282.5672

Billy Scott – Clark County Coroner

Misty Carroll - Chief Deputy Coroner

Donnie Growe - Deputy Coroner


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