Clark County Indiana Auditor's Office

The Auditor’s Office has many responsibilities. This office has the financial responsibilities that impact the financial well-being county government. The list of duties ranging from simple ministerial tasks such as keeping minutes of the various Board meetings for which we serve as secretary, to the highly technical duties of financial statement preparation and compliance with federal tax guidelines and programs. A county auditor office is primarily responsible for preparing county budgets and assigning taxes to properties. In most counties, residents appoint a person for this position during elections. The Auditor's office works closely with the Assessors' office as well as the County Recorder's office. They perform payroll, claims to Accounts Payable as well as exemptions (such as homestead and mortgage exemption), deed transfers, assist the county council and commissioners meetings, and County council agenda. The Auditor also handles tax sales and sales redemptions.

Auditor Office Fees

***Parcel Number must be on deed identifying property***

**Cash or Check ONLY**

  • Deeds are $10.00 each per parcel
  • Sales Disclosures are $10.00 each {no charge for sales disclosure if sales price is $0. sales disclosure is not necessary if sales prices is $0, only need if homestead is checked}
  • Contracts: $10
  • Sheriff deeds: $10
  • Tax deeds: $10
  • Affidavits (There is a charge if adding or removing a name)

No charges for the following:

  • Easements, government,  city or state
  • Affidavit of Transfer to Real Estate Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles


Please NOTE: 

Anytime there is a name change on a deed, the Homestead Exemption has to be refiled. Please come into the Auditor’s Office to refile. Failing to do so will make the exemption be removed and your property taxes increase.


The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance is responsible for ensuring property tax assessment and local government budgeting are carried out in accordance with Indiana law. The Department is charged with publishing property tax assessment rules and annually reviewing and approving the tax rates and levies of every political subdivision in the state, including all counties, cities, towns, townships, school corporations, libraries, and other entities with tax levy authority.

Please click here for Clark County Budget information, tax rate information and assessment information.  

Contact the Clark County Indiana Auditor's Office

Danny Yost, Clark County Auditor
Clark County Government Building
501 E. Court Avenue, Room #118
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
P 812.285.6211
F 812.285.6216